Bad Mind going to kill them: Nesta Morgan unloads on the PNP

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Senator Robert Morgan says the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has done more in Three years than every other Government has in the history of Jamaica.

He made the comment while addressing a Pedro Plains Divisional Conference in South Western St. Elizabeth on Sunday. Mr. Morgan says its because of that fact why the PNP has bad mind against the Government.

He went on to lay out some of the many accomplishment of the Governing Labour Party, including reductions in youth unemployment and improvements for the Security forces,

He said the JLP is the party of implementors moving the country forward for the betterment of all Jamaicans.

He turned his attention to the Opposition PNP and unveiled a new nickname for them.

Mr. Morgan lauded the government on some more of its accomplishment while slamming the PNP at the same time.

He warned labourites not to take anything for granted and make sure they return Floyd Green as their Member of Parliament whenever the next general Elections are called.

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