For many years, there has been this feeling among`st Jamaicans, that the rich gets away with every thing, while the poor is incarcerated. That feeling has been reinforced over and over again, with many high profiled persons in this country getting away with acts of murder, thievery and much more, while a man, that stole Six pods of Ackee`s was given a jail sentence.

The latest installment in this never ending drama, came just hours ago, when Carlos Hill, the man that run one of Jamaica`s largest ponzy schemes, that defrauded Forty Thousand Jamaicans walk free after the prosecution case collapse. The feeling of Deja Vue is here again. Yet another high profile figure gets off by scamming people of their hard earn money. Olint boss, another of the ponzy scheme King, must be wondering, why in hell didn’t i just keep my business in Jamaica alone! He would be free today rather than been locked up in a US prison. Its fair to draw that conclusion.

But this whole episode, reminds LBC NEWS, of the final speech that Former Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Head of the JLP, Edward Seaga, gave to Parliament, in which he laid out the case about the two halves of Jamaica: the Have`s and the Have Not`s. In that farewell speech, he bemoaned the problems that the Have Not`s faces each day just to survive, and the broad sway that the Have`s holds over Jamaican Society. His main point, was to point out how evil this system was. Its this news website view, he was absolutely correct.

That Have versus Have Not`s is one of the main contributor to the mayhem and dysfunction that we have in this country. It has pitched a large swathed of this country into a never ending abyss of despair, that has helped to create some of the worse social conditions in this Country. You see it every day. From the way how people are treated like Dogs in the Ghettos, by the police, while people in Jacks Hill and Cherry Gardens, are treated like little angels, even when they are criminals. It is rife in the Justice system, which allows the Have`s to get away with anything. Even in Government policies it is there! Look at how taxation policies are put on the country? The rich don`t pay their share, even when its minuscule as it is right now, while the Have Not`s are the ones that bare the brunt of it.

It should not be a surprise to any, why the Lotto Scamming and other forms of illicit acts are so prevalent. Why should anybody stay at the bottom of the ladder, in the realm of the Have Not`s and be subjected to all sorts of grievous harm, when he/she can use this avenue to reach in the realm of the Have`s where they are protected by the system? Who wouldn’t want that?

Unless this gap between the Have`s and the Have Not is sharply reduced, as a Nation, we will always have the level of mayhem that continues to plaque us. And this dream of Prosperity for all will have a very hard time coming to fruition. It is about time we as a nation confronts this problem head on and create a more just and equitable society. Is that really ever going to happen? That is something every Jamaican should start pondering seriously.

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