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State of Emergency to halt the rise in murders across the country

EDITORIAL. Another day, another weekend, and its the same old story: more Jamaicans getting slaughtered by the gun. The Nation is on edge, businesses are on edge, as a matter of fact everybody is on edge. The Opposition is rolling

People are tired of explaining simple things to idiots

  EDITORIAL. In the post truth world, where fantasies, lies and half truths is the norm, many persons are getting frustrated in trying to explain simple things to others around them. In a recent poll done by the University of

Domestic violence,Relationship,and the Family

EDITORIAL. The recent spate of killings because of domestic violence is to say the least extremely worrying. And what makes it even more so, is that its this nations women that are been killed. It’s an assault on the Nations

The pettiness of the old and dying PNP

EDITORIAL. states this about the word prosperous. The adjective prosperous often describes a person or a person’s future, but it can apply to anything that’s experiencing growth and success. Prosperous derives from the Latin word prosperus, meaning “doing well.”

A New World Order, Can Jamaica Cope?

EDITORIAL. Conspiracy theorist love to blame everything that is happening in the world on the New World Order and the rich and powerful that is trying to bring it to pass. Much of that is pure nonsense. When people cannot

A New Day for Local Government

EDITORIAL. Its done and dusted. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has won the Local Government Elections, taking Nine of Fourteen Councils including the Prized KSAC. The People`s National Party (PNP) had all Fourteen previously.  As expected, the JLP is in

The stakes are too high not to go out and vote.

Todays Editorial. As Jamaicans gear up to go the polls on the 28th of November, the perennial problem of low voter turnout is back on the agenda. Traditionally, Local Government elections in Jamaica are usually decided by a very small


Yet another corruption scandal has engulfed the Opposition People’s national Party (PNP)-another one in a long series of scandals. The previous set of scandals were important as they affected the finances of the country, but none of those can compare with the