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Noranda Bauxite workers demonstrate in support of the company

With the concerted push by many in academia, entertainment and politics, misleading and outright lying about the mining carried out by Noranda Bauxite mining company, it’s being reported the workers has come to the defense of the company, by staging

Fire could be a thing of the past at Retirement Dump in St. James

Fires raging for days at the Retirement Dump in St. James, could be a thing of the past with the latest initiative by the Local government Ministry. Honourable Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Local Government and Community Development disclosed the projects

It was an election con! No money for PNP endowment fund

Rise United is back tracking on a major campaign to establish an endowment fund for comrades who has fallen on hard times. Dr. Campbell is indicating that Rise United’s $10-million endowment fund to assist struggling PNP workers, is no longer

Peter Phillips has won the leadership race

BREAKING NEWS After an acrimonious election marred by vote buying allegations and counter allegations the One PNP Team has won. They beat the Peter Bunting Rise United team by 76 . Bunting poll 1351 to Phillips 1427 There was a

Former security Minister Bunting accuses a former security Minister Peter Phillips of using Don’s to stop him

In an extraordinary and deeply troubling development, Former Minister of National Security Peter Bunting, is accusing another Former Security Minister and Opposition leader, Peter Phillips of using Don’s to intimidate delegates in order to win the presidential contest this Saturday.

More Jamaicans think Holness is better to deal with the Economy, Corruption and Crime

The majority of Jamaicans are confident that Prime Minister Andrew Holness is best suited to manage the problems of crime, corruption and the economy when compared to both incumbent PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, and PNP presidential aspirant, Peter Bunting.

Rise United to give 9 dollars Jamaican to all party supporters in need?

Rise United Ten Million dollars support plan for supporters of the Peopl’s National Party (PNP) will amount to 63 Jamaican cents for PNP . That’s according to One PNP supporter Damion Crawford. According to Crawford writing on his Facebook account,

JLP heading for a landslide if elections are called soon

A new poll has found that if a general election were called, the governing Jamaica Labour Party would defeat the Opposition People’s National Party. The poll was conducted late last month. The poll found that while both parties enjoy almost