Chesterfield residents rejoicing as bridge is ready

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A smiling resident of the Chesterfield community
Kenyon Hemans/Photographer
Garfield Edward (partially hidden) and Withman Hunt fasten a  fence along the sides of  the newly built Chesterfield Bridge in St Mary.

As a campaign promise in a by-election two years ago, Dunn said he would give the residents a bridge and deliver them from the sometimes perilous Wag Water River, which they had to walk through. That has been delivered.

“Right now we nuh have words to give thanks for the bridge,” Peaches, a resident of the community, said.

She said that it had been close to 20 years that residents had been asking for the bridge and now they finally had it.

“A long time we a suffer. We have been calling, and now, our prayers are answered. Mi did affi move my mother to Castleton because as elderly persons when they sick, we have to put them on our back to cross the river just to see the doctor, but them days deh done yah now. Mi can bring them back over and come back a wi house,” she said, laughing.

Residents have been strapping chain-linked wires to the frame of the bridge to prevent the possibility of children falling through the holes in the flanks and ending up in the river below. Garfield Edwards was among the persons volunteering his services.

“My children live over here, so I have to come and give some help. Right now we are putting wires in these areas so that when children are crossing the bridge, they do not fall over the side,” he said.

Peaches said that the residents have been volunteering their services to ensure that the bridge is completed on time.

Denis Hunt said that before the bridge was constructed, life for Chesterfield residents was miserable, especially when it rained and the river was in spate.

“Mi a one a dem weh help people cross, and thing, but none a that again because we have bridge yah now. We boasy yah now,” he said.

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