Comrades in NE St. Elizabeth calling for Basil Waite head to roll

As the fallout from the Manchester Municipal Corporation corruption scandal continues, Comrades in Northeast St Elizabeth is calling for Basil Waite to be removed as the party standard bearer in the next General Elections.

LBC NEWS has obtained a copy of an internal letter sent to the party leader Dr. Peter Phillips and signed by Four Comrades calling for Waite to be replaced. The Letter reads:

Open Letter to Party Leader – Dr Peter Phillips from Concerned Comrades Of St Elizabeth.

Re : Basil Waite

Cde Phillips as Party Leader we are asking you to intervene now to prevent any further embarrassment of the political organization in the parish of St Elizabeth

As you are aware the Parish has been working very hard over the past year to see if we can at least win back South East St Elizabeth and South West St Elizabeth and hold on to a bleeding North East St Elizabeth.

As you are aware it is now all over the internet and airwaves that Basil Waite was either directly or indirectly involved in the present fraud case stemming from the Manchester Municipal Corporation

We are not pleased Party President because from the day we heard that Mr Waite was returning to St Elizabeth politics we always knew it was going to be problems. To many surprisingly it seemed as if you gave the move your blessings. Many comrades and non-comrades wanted to make their voices heard but didn’t want to embarrass you or the Party.

In the interest of the other candidates and the Parish organization in general, we are now asking that you remove Basil Waite with immediate effect from the parish political structure as candidate and also from any other involvement in the the political process in St Elizabeth.

If you feel that you have to utilize Mr Waite please do so somewhere else.

We are aware that there were attempts made to get statements written from persons involved in the fraud investigations to say Mr Waite wasn’t the beneficiary of the payments. Cde Phillips perception is 75% of politics. We are asking you please sir give us a fighting chance in St Elizabeth to win back at least 3 seats by removing Mr Waite from the process.

We also ask that the Party ask Mr Waite to remove the boards with his face from the JPS light posts because they are only now serving to keep the matter fresh in the people’s minds daily.

If you walk into the bars and taxis right now in St Elizabeth the present fraud case and Waite’s direct or indirect involvement is all people are talking about and saying that you are to be blamed for facilitating his reentrance into St Elizabeth.

The daily stories from comrades relating how much money they received to vote for Mr Waite is sickening and embarrassing.

We write on behalf of thousands of comrades spanning all 4 constituencies of St Elizabeth.

The four persons who sign the letter is from all four Constituencies in St. Elizabeth.


Staff Reporter


*LBC NEWS has witheld the names of the signatory.

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