Damion Goat math doesn’t add up

Recently Damion Crawford the PNP standard bearer in East Portland made a proposal to buy Goats to give to his constituents instead of book vouchers. Yes he said that! Since then it has come under a little scrutiny.

Now Crawford intends to fund that venture from the 20 Million of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) given to Members of parliament to do a variety of things. Well according to an enterprise person that took a look at the figures, it doesn’t add up.

According to the person, if 36,315 persons votes (unlikely but lets use it to demonstrate)and the lowest per goat is $3500 (which again might be very low,) 36,315 multiply by 3500 equals $127,102,500! Thats multiples of 20 million!

Lets use the last voting numbers, 13,415. Thats $ 46,952,500. Again more than the amount allocated under CDF.

Better yet lets use the amount of votes garnered by Dr. Linvale Bloomfield, of 8580. Thats $30,030,000, again more than allocated under CDF.

The question that now needs to be ask, is where will Damion get the rest of money to make up for the shortfall? Better yet what about the other areas like school assistance,burial, nine nights,water,minor road repairs, agricultural, tourism and all the other areas that MP has to spend on? where will he get the money to fund those areas?

Another Go Fund Me campaign seems to be in the offering. You cant develop a constituency on Go Fund Me.

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