Delano Seiveright fires back at Whykam McNiel accusing him of abuse of power

Delano Seiveright has fired back at PAAC Chairman and Opposition Spokesperson on Tourism Whykam McNiel who railed against travel expenses racked up over two years by him in Parliament today. In a post now circulating on social media platform Facebook, Mr. Seiveright accused McNiel of abuse of power.

In his defense he said:
“It is clear that the PNP Spokesman for Tourism and former Minister of Tourism McNeill is using his Chairmanship of the PAAC to distract from the world leading performance of Jamaica’s Tourism Ministry and its Agencies.

The fact is that the Ministry of Tourism and its agencies take part in extensive and tiring travelling as the business is overseas. This is the very nature of tourism and has been the case for decades. The result of engagements by myself and other Ministry/Agency officials has assisted in the best performance of Jamaica’s tourism sector on record. We brought 500,000 MORE tourists to Jamaica’s shores in 2017 over 2016, that’s just one year, totalling 4.3 million tourists. This is as many as or exceeds what McNeil delivered in his 4 years in office from 2012 to early 2016 as Minister – a really lacklustre performance in a generally great global economic environment.”

He went on to state that:

“Additionally, the country raked in over $375 billion in revenues in 2017 alone. Yet another record.”

He  then took a swipe at Mr. McNeil accusing him of cowardice when he stated:” It is no surprise why McNeill then is so afraid to make a sectoral debate presentation.”

He continued by stating his comittment to Jamaica.

“I commit to giving my best when working for Jamaica overseas in the pursuit of national prosperity. Tourism travel should be put in the context of the need, as is always the case, to regularly engage our critical stakeholders in North America, South America, Europe and elsewhere. That has resulted in the cementing and opening up of new source markets in Latin America and Europe, more new rooms, more new flights, closer collaboration with cruise operators, first rate relationships with non-traditional players like AirBNB among other things that represents the very cornerstone of our aggressive tourism growth strategy. That’s value in the billions of dollars not millions.

We are firmly on track to achieving and likely surpassing our growth targets which is 5 million tourists by 2021, generate US$5 billion in earnings, increase total jobs to 125,000 and add 15,000 new rooms. Our work for the people of Jamaica will continue and we will not be dissuaded by persons propelled by negativity.”

He ended his statement by characterizing Mr. McNeil behavior as “unprecedented and disgraceful but represents a gross abuse of his power.”

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  1. Weston says:

    These comrades believe that they own jamaica so they must be in government at all times

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