Desperate PNP wants to stop the “Little mans food”

Having gotten beaten twice by the Andrew Holness led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), in one year, the Peoples National Party (PNP) is in desperation mode. Evidence of the desperation gripping the PNP, has surfaced in the most disgusting and despicable manner ever imagined. From lying about Plastic Rice, to the Governments 600 million de-bushing program, the PNP has tried to paint the Holness Administration in a bad light. They have tried  a number of ruses that has not worked, and now led by Parliaments loud mouth, Fritz Jackson, they are hanging on for dear life trying to make an issue out of the bushing program. 

It is our view, that what is happening, is the PNP that claims to love the poor, trying to stop the poor from getting a little work. The PNP has given out work along the same lines and there was never a cry from the JLP. Why? The JLP knows that the money would help to alleviate the sufferings on the populace. But why the PNP, the party of crash programs and wasting of public finances, is so upset about the Government enacting a program that would put people to work earning some money?

For one, the JLP has taken out the rug from under their feet, and has positioned itself, not only as a party that is Fiscally Conservative, but also a party that understand that Government must also spend on areas that will bring in immediate employment. The PNP no longer can say with confidence: that they are the party of the poor while the JLP is only for the rich.

The classicist argument used against previous JLP Leaders cannot be used against Holness. He has skillfully outmaneuver the PNP, beating them at their own game. The PNP is so caught up with trying to paint the Holness administration in a bad light that they are willing to see the work stop, and persons slated to work, lose out on the little earnings. That means, for every unemployed mother who wants to send their children to school, that would have been employed, that would no longer happen.

What that means, is, with that source of income gone, that mother may have to send her underage daughter to a lotto scammer or a Don to be abused! If that is not cold and evil enough, lets look at a young man who is trying to resist the temptations of Lotto Scamming, who now if the Government should abandon the bushing program, will have no other way available to earn a little money. What will happen to him?

The cost of politicking with the future of Jamaica is too costly for the Government to heed the arguments of the PNP. They are a bunch of sore losers, that is just mad because they are not in power. They are willing  to see people out of a job just to satisfy their own political  agenda. It is a devious sort of behavior that should be condemned everywhere.

Stop trying to “box food” out of the mouths of Jamaicans, many of whom would be better off if the PNP 20 plus reign in Government hadn’t destroyed this country.

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