Disrespectful, divisive and inflammatory: G2k slams PNPYO head Hitler comment

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As the blow back over head of the PNPYO Krystal Tomlinson comments comparing the Honourable Prime Minister Andrew Holness to the murderous Adolf Hitler continues, head of the professional arm of G2K Stephen Edwards has slammed the comments as divisive, inflammatory, and disrespectful.

Writing on his official Facebook account last evening, Mr. Edwards, while recounting his attendance at a forum put on by the Political Ombudsman, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Political Code of Conduct, he said: ” After hearing Ms. Tomlinson’s reprehensible comments, attempting to liken the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, to the murderous tyrant Adolf Hitler, I now look back at the Political Ombudsman’s event with grave disappointment. One has to wonder if it was just all for show. How can the Opposition, in one breath, preach respect and tolerance and a few months later the head of their youth arm reverts to disrespectful and inflammatory political rhetoric?”, he asked.

He went on

“Some may think I am naive, and others may think I am too ambitious, for believing that political opponents can hold contending views but still remain respectful to each other. It was this belief that made me accept the invitation to speak at the Political Ombudsman’s forum. I went even further and brought with me the chairperson’s for G2K’s University Chapters, with the hopes of fostering a political atmosphere of mutual respect that will continue beyond my tenure as President of Generation 2000 (G2K). “

Commenting on leadership style he said “Although it is not my style, I understand that some persons feel that their path to political relevance is through the creation of drama and controversy, as they may believe that “there is no such thing as bad PR”. However, persons should know where to draw the line. Ms. Tomlinson has crossed the line and is resurrecting the political divisiveness of the past.”

Mr. Edwards then called out the Political Ombudsman, and PNP president Peter Phillips for not reprimanding Tomlinson.

“What is even more disappointing is that I have seen no evidence that neither Dr. Peter Phillips nor Mrs Donna Parchment Brown have reprimanded Ms. Tomlinson for her egregious act. Not even a call to issue a sincere apology? In fact, their silence on the matter further empowers the young lady to continue along a dangerous path. I therefore ask Dr. Phillips, Krystal Tomlinson and Mrs Donna Parchment Brown, with regards to political maturity, tolerance and respect: You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?,” Mr. Edwards lamented.

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