Does the PNP hates women? Seems so according to Cross.

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​​​​​​As the people of East Portland gears up to go to the polls shortly, there is discord in the PNP over the selection of Damion Crawford to replace the late Dr. Bloomfield.

Outspoken PNP member Karen Cross in a scaving letter slammed the PNP Executive members over the decision to pick Crawford over Andrea Moore.

To: Party Officers/Executive Members

Hello comrades; Portland again:
I have been saddened by the untimely death of Cde. Lynvale Bloomfield…At a funeral of a family member in Windsor in 2017… Cde. Bloomfield gave a quiet and sweet reflection on the life of Zed Jones..I don’t remember much of what he said, but most of his speeches at funerals were to celebrate life and what it has given us. He said something that stayed with me and caused me to research….”Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is what dies inside”. This is a quote from Norman Cousins that I found out later. He was indeed a genuine human being.

Today, the day before this fine man is laid to rest, I feel the need to say the following; it gives me no pleasure because its Friday, its set up,… its rum, and pork, and music, and fun, and get to spend the night in Portland, so it is with a somewhat heavy heart I say these things. My choice.
For a little under a month now the party leadership, and particularly the Party Leader has been engaged in back to back meetings in trying to convince Cde. Damion Crawford to take on the East Portland seat.

And in so doing, undermining and disregarding the work, time, effort and commitment of Cde. Andrea Moore….A WOMAN… beautiful, bright and capable.
I get this deep uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that the Party leader is on a desperation binge which threatens to destroy everything that I believe in and therefore I can’t sit by and say nothing. I would be negligible in my responsibilities as a woman, a comrade, and a human being.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” .. Martin Luther King.

Damion is not going to be the savior of the PNP… he is one little youth. We all, individually and collectively will…with our own unique, inimitable way and our different styles and talents….the PNP will survive

In our traditional internal party structure.. The Party Leader would be the last person to be involved in this process, after the constituency, the Region, the NEC, The Executive and round again, but Cde. Phillips has had a hands on role from the beginning, and I sense that it is his own future he is trying to manage, salvage or save…

I sense that the long term future of the PNP is not his concern. I come to this conclusion with the only evidence I have… his leadership or lack thereof.

At every step of the way he is making all this worst.. he is doing the bidding of the status quo without understanding that their interests is not his….he is of the belief that they will save him…they cant..!!!.. In fact they can’t even save themselves,… so, for now, he is their reason and they his…..and in between all of that the PNP is losing ground and looking stupid and ridiculous every day of the week and worst on Sundays.

This is not going to end well for any camp… the leader of the PNP and his band of merry MEN, who don’t want any WOMAN, to succeed need to understand that time is magic, PNP people not stupid and Jesus is alive and sitting at the right hand of God.

…. and then, there is this…..if it took almost a month to convince Damion to take Portland then clearly the leader is once again thinking small and short term… if Damion has to be convinced (for almost a month) then he clearly has no commitment to the people of East Portland, he clearly does not want it…, because when pressure rises and he burst out and say ’bwoy is dem did ask mi fi come, mi never waan come’.…his heart is clearly not into it.

If he has to be convinced then he is not doing it for himself, he is not doing it for East Portland, and he is damn well not doing it for the PNP…. He is doing it to boost the ego of a lame leadership that could not lead a dozen ants to a sugar hill.

PJ and I kinda vex right now… it wasn’t always this way, but with everything that is within me I am screaming at the top of my lungs… I miss PJ..!!!, I miss his insight and his quiet uncanny way in resolving messy political and internal party issues.
…and this too… I love my GS… but he keeps repeating that the constitution gives the party leader the ultimate authority to make the decision…. ….aahhh, the constitution.

That once glorious document that Norman Manley intended to give the power to the people, has become the constant rewrite of a bad novel by Paul Christopher Burke. Let’s examine how we reach here..….

In the year 2000, a political year when over 50% of constituencies were in breach of the constitution….No workable structure in place, no groups, no executive committee that was meeting…no mechanism to make decisions…. (that was when we had a real constitution),,.at a meeting of the NEC in St. Thomas, the NEC voted to give the Party leader (PJ) the authority to decide on those constituencies. (Some of my dates and figures might not compute, in which case I stand corrected)

I remember as if it was yesterday, that it was the only time I saw PJ looking somewhat sullen at the prospect that he has to make this decision, which he knew can’t be a long term fix for the survival of our movement… I will never forget how he took pains to assure the NEC that this is not the way to go, that it is not a permanent fix, that he was not entirely comfortable with this particular process of vetoing candidates and naming candidates… he gave a long speech about the whole thing and charged the secretariat to get their act together.

Then he went about the process in a strategic and analytical way which included talking with each constituency despite the fact that they had relinquished their responsibility by allowing the organization to fall apart.

He was inclusive and open to both sycophantic ideas and dissent. There were little grumblings in some cases, but he handled that expertly because he knows how to listen to rubbish from fools and make them feel like they could win the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics. (Me included).

For PJ… it was always the long game.
And then Paul Christopher Burke was put in charge of the constitution…and it was rewrite after rewrite… but most importantly, nobody listens to Burke when he talks, so when he is finished… the chairman…, (who I doubt listened to it either),would say ‘all in favor’ and everyone says ‘I’… and that is that…. Except for Cde. Webber and Cde. McCatty… nobody knows what that was about.. So,,, a courtesy that was extended to the party leader in a time of crisis is now embedded in our constitution to be weaponized and used against the perceived ‘enemy’ who not towing the line and who ‘fighting’ the leader.

A courtesy that was established with clear guidelines and protocols is now a political tool that can be used to hunt witches.
…And now this….our leader is embracing this new power that Burke novel gave him… he is comfortable with the notion that he alone can decide and no WOMAN can talk to him.

It is clear that our leader is a short game man….which is why the Jamaican people do not listen to him….
The question is why are you trying to fix something that is not broken…? ..There is nothing wrong with East Portland except your inflated egos, your stupidity and your belief that it will change your image in the eyes of the Jamaican people.

What…?? You don’t want to organize the full party apparatus behind a Woman for a win…or maybe you can’t, so Damion will be the pull.. If that is the case, we need a new party leader. The people of Portland already feel that way, anyway.

And this…so the strategy is to give Damion East Portland, get the hype, and wins the next general election. ?…..ok then…but wait, can we sustain a hype, can Damion sustain the expectations, will the comrades come out and vote, will the WOMEN come out and vote,???…can Damion really win… yes he can, and so can Andrea, and let’s not forget the young voters who love the hype but still don’t vote…because voting day is not hype, its ballot in boxes… that is not fun, not hype…plus they are deceptive, misleading, expensive and entitled.

Will Damion, who had to be convinced (for nearly a month), feel the urgency and the love to commit himself to East Portland…? Damion is not the bad guy here; he is actually the pawn, the sacrificial lamb that is charged with bringing back honor to his father’s house, he is Keanu Reeves in Devil’s Advocate….but his heart is not into it……free will..?…not..!!!

No disrespect to Damion, but he is not a gas lighter and he is not politically savvy enough to out a fire either. He has great talents, but bringing out people to vote is an art form that he has not yet perfected, and East Portland is not the place to practice on because the JLP is going to bring out all the stops.

People like to see Damion, they are excited to see him, he has rock star status, they like to hear him talk, but that don’t necessarily translate into a get out the vote effort or an Election Day strategy that’s going to give you a win, or the need to change the strategy at 2pm and change it again at 3pm.

If the polls are showing Andrea Moore beating Mrs. Vaz, and the PNP ‘MAN’ party is working overtime to get her to ‘back off’,.. I am going to assume that they believe we will win, but they want a hype win instead of a sober, solid win.

I am further going to assume that they believe Damion can give them that lift that they so badly need…I am going to go a little further in assuming that the win is not so much for the people of East Portland, but more for the old, tired, ideas devoid, lazy leadership of the PNP, so that they can feel good about themselves.

From all things publicly known… Damion don’t particularly want the seat… (for personal and professional reasons)…. It is my understanding also that the foundations of our great internal democracy is rotted to the root because the delegates of East Portland are being sidelined…they have no voice..
To Damion Crawford I say… this is not worth your credibility or your future…if there is a selection process in East Portland you have a right to offer yourself, but I promise you…if you allow them to throw you in there talking about they giving you seat without the delegates having a say. In order to make them look good and feel less than worthless… your stars will be dimmer.

So I am back to where we started… why the PNP is so adamant that they will not have a strong, bright, and hardworking WOMAN to represent the people of East Portland. What is it exactly that gives them a rise over the prospect of Andrea Moore MP..?

Why are they on this crusade..?… it’s like a red wedding in Game of thrones with the party leader as Lord Walder Frey… are all ganging up on Andrea Moore, for no other reason except that you can’t control her….she can think for herself.

From all indications in East Portland, the comrades are ready to work with Andrea Moore, and they are wondering out loud why on God’s green and beautiful earth is the party tying itself in a knot about allowing them to choose who they want to represent them.

This is the same party leader who reopened the selection process in South West St. Andrew to accommodate a candidate who did not apply… and proclaim it loud in the name of fairness and democracy.

Where that fairness is now…where is the democracy..?? There is a dark cloud hanging over Norman Manley party, and it’s not the prospect of rain… it is the dying of fairness, decency, integrity and democracy.

Let’s be clear… if popularity and hype were the most important factors in winning an election.. PJ would not have won a single election. If popularity, and love, and hype, were the most important factors in winning elections… Portia would be Prime Minister today…. As far as I am concerned, while love from your workers and supporters are important to organize and to getting out the votes, popularity and hype never win an election….I know… ask Patrick Roberts.

And then this…this lie that Cde. Moore was undermining Cde. Bloomfield…. Let’s talk some more truth… it was the party that was undermining Cde. Bloomfield, thy told him he could not run, they told Cde Bloomfield 12 months ago that he could not run and he would not be the candidate under any circumstances……then 3 months ago they sent in Javette Nixon in East Portland…saying he was their future…well, we all know what happened to him.

And finally this…Mikael Phillips…you have already established yourself as a pathological liar…but why in the name of God would you be telling comrades that Andrea Moore can only be the candidate if you are dead…? What is wrong with you, what kind of sick human being are you, What has this woman done to you personally that you are now a woman abuser and a sorry sad sight for a human being..? Did you not know that the comrades would tell everybody that you said that…? ,..So on top of your above titles, you are also a despicable human being and a poor politician, for trash talking about a WOMAN… the largest voting bloc in the country.

But don’t mind me… if you really feel this strongly about it.. Go ahead…now is a good time.

I am not a part of Andrea Moore campaign team, but if she wants some advice here it is…. Don’t give in to them, don’t make any deals with them… they can’t be trusted.. It is a deep emotional and psychological roller coaster, when you can’t trust the word of your leaders… when you are afraid to repeat anything they say,…many has been burnt through these empty promises.

I am giving friendly advice again…. Judging from the grave digging//PNP conference/ PNP rally/party in the cemetery on Wednesday… East Portland comrades ready for Andrea Moore and Andrea Moore ready for East Portland.
I am ready to defend Norman Manley Principles, and his party… since everybody else is out to lunch.


Karen C Cross

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