Former security Minister Bunting accuses a former security Minister Peter Phillips of using Don’s to stop him

In an extraordinary and deeply troubling development, Former Minister of National Security Peter Bunting, is accusing another Former Security Minister and Opposition leader, Peter Phillips of using Don’s to intimidate delegates in order to win the presidential contest this Saturday.

Presidential aspirant Peter Bunting United campaign team says it’s disappointing that One PNP team has been using “washed up so-called Dons” in a feeble attempt to force delegates to return Phillips as President of the 81 year old party.

During its statement today, the Bunting’s campaign team also said it is disappointed at false unsubstantiated allegation of vote buying which was levelled against it by senior members of Phillips team.

The astonishing thing about the rebuke by Rise United, is that with the ungoiing problems of Don’s Guns and gangs causing untold mayhem across the country, the mere mention that Don’s are being used to intimidate voters should send alarm bells ringing across the country. If the allegations are true, it should be condemned by every well thinking Jamaicans.

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