Holness will beat both Bunting and Phillips when general election is called

PNP leadership challenger, Peter Bunting, is favoured by the public to lead the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, over incumbent leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

A poll conducted by data intelligence firm – Bluedot Insights, in association with Nationwide News, found the Central Manchester MP, having an 8 percentage point advantage over Dr. Phillips as the better man to lead the 81-year-old political party.

The poll also found that the respondents feel Bunting would do better than Phillips in a general election against Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

The Nationwide Bluedot Insights poll also found that both a Bunting and Phillips-led PNP would lose to a Holness-led JLP in a general election.

The poll was conducted over 5-days between August 22 and 26.

Bluedot Insights surveyed just under 12-hundred Jamaicans in the poll. It has a margin of error of 3%.

In a head-to-head match up in a general election, Holness would beat Bunting by 16-percentage points: 58 to 42%.

And, he would demolish Phillips by 26 percentage points: 63% to 37%.

Both, Dr. Phillips and Bunting  are locked in an intense contest to win the support of PNP delegates next Saturday, September 7.

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