The imbecilic Reasoning of the PNP on who Jamaica have friendly relationship with


You can count on the People`s National Party (PNP) members to say or do something imbecilic, ever so often. Thats a given as sure as night follows day. They are good at that. And so are their supporters especially those on social media sites.

The latest imbecilic rant came after Prime Minister Andrew Holness went on a trip to Israel. The Prime Minister having been invited to go to Israel, a country that has friendly relations with Jamaica, and is the friend of Jamaicans number one ally-the Americans, and took up the offer is been scolded in the most childish manner by an obvious clueless Morais Guy. His problem with the trip, seems not to be based on whether or not we got value for money, which one would expect he would query, but more because of Israels reputation on the Palestinian Israeli Conflict.

He is so concerned about the “reputational damage” that Jamaica could suffer as a result that he has tabled questions in the House seeking answers. Now, lets examine this nonsense for a moment. China is friendly towards Israel, Germany, Britain, America, and a whole host of other countries, even in the Middle East. What reputational damage has they suffered because of their support of Israel? You certainly do not hear Opposition parties in those countries that are not either Nazis, Nationalist or antisemitic saying their leaders should not visit Israel. As a matter of course, many of these Opposition parties actually supports quite vociferously the Governments stance on Israel.

Secondly, Jamaica as a sovereign nation is free to pick its International partners and develop its foreign policy in the interest of Jamaicans. It is very much in our interest to have close relationships with Israel as in many areas of technological advancement, Israel is a world leader. We could learn from Israel so much in areas like water harvesting, technological startups, and so much more. Right now Israel is a technological powerhouse. Not only that, but many Israeli businesses are looking for markets beyond the United States, and also for investment opportunities. Jamaica can capitalize on that and get some of those businesses to come here and set up shop and create employment. Its quite obvious a party like the PNP that knows nothing about growth, will not understand that.

Then the idiotic notion of a threat from ISIS surfaced, pushed online by the legions of PNP sycophants who cant use their very own brains. Now, something that these people dont understand is that all through the ongoing ISIS takeover of much of Iraq and Syria, they have never bothered Israel. Why? Its simple. They are terrified of Israel. A German reporter, the only one from a Western Country that has so far returned after entering ISIS controlled areas said the samething last year. ISIS commanders told him they dont fear the US Army because they are not able to fight Gorilla warfare as effectively as ISIS can. Israel on the other hand they told him, are experts at that type of warfare. And it is also evident as not one of ISIS targets has ever been inside Israel. Neither is there any evidence to suggest whatsoever that any attacks on a Nation friendly to Isreal has solely been because they are friends of Isreal. None whatsoever.So, because of the Prime Ministers visit to Israel, all of a sudden Jamaica will become an ISIS target is arrant nonsense. Its cheap fear mongering from a clueless set of people.

All in all, we can see the fruits of that visit already, as the Head of the Government Growth Council is heading off to Israel to speak with business leaders there with the aim of having them set up business in Jamaica. If those materialized, we could have an influx of new technologies to help make business and government much more efficient, and create much needed employment.

Like the recent bushing program and the PMO`s that the PNP are so set against, they are just trying to stifle Jamaica’s growth prospects in order for the government to look bad.

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