JLP 75th Anniversary Celebration Conference: LBC NEWS coverage

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Leader of the Governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) said as part of it’s 75th anniversary, the party will be issuing Five scholarships in areas the Government considers priority to national development.

Also, the party will be issuing two bursaries per constituency. The prime minister also throw out a challenge to his labour party MPs as he has committed to personal give out ten bursaries, and implored others to follow.

Those scholarships are full scholarship and will be named in honour of the former leaders of the party.

He said that the scholarships and bursaries is because workers of the party children must get a good education.

Mr. Holness is currently speaking at the party’s conference in Kingston.

He said he is designing a program to address indigent housing valued at over Half a Billion dollars. He said more details will be coming in the next budget debate in a couple of months.

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