JLP 75th anniversary celebration conference: LBC NEWS coverage.

PNP are all empty barrels: G2k Head slams PNP.

Head of Generation 2000 (G2k) Steven Edwards has slammed the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) accusing them of been empty barrels.

To huge applause Steven Edwards said from he was going to school, he heard the saying that says: empty barrels makes the most noise.

Turning to the 1990s, he reminded party faithfuls assembled of the 1990s when the then PNP ruin the Jamaican economy with FINSAC. That act led to the closing of 40,000 buisnesses.

In a parting shot aimed squarely at the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, he said that in Ten Years he couldn’t deliver a Housing Scheme for his Constituency. It took prime minister Andrew Holness just two years to build the scheme. He said that was done because the JLP believes in running a country for all Jamaicans.

Earlier head of Young Jamaica Howard Chamberlain, address party faithfuls, telling them that “we are not going back. He took a swipe at PNP VP Damion Crawford, saying he will soon self implode.

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