JLP Constituency Executive in Manchester slams PNP over corruption at MMC

The Executive of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in North Western Manchester has added their voice in the growing condemnation over yet another corruption scandal engulfing the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

In a release, the JLP said they were joining with all well thinking Jamaicans in expressing shock, dismay and (their) grave concern at the growing corruption scandal that lead to the resignation of Deputy Mayor, the People’s National Party’s Councillor Erwin Facey of the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

“The alleged disbursement & encashment of unauthorized cheques of over fifteen million ($15 mil) dollars, begs urgent questions to be answered, not only from the Councilor who was signatory, but also from the leadership of the Municipality as well as the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) Executive lead by the sitting Member of Parliament.”

The statement continued by saying

“While we await the outcome of investigations underway by the authorities, we do know that information in the public domain thus far, sufficiently points to ‘unauthorized’ and questionable disbursement of public funds. Therefore, the hardworking taxpayers of Manchester, are extremely disturbed and appalled at what appears to be a betrayal of good governance, transparency and the public trust. Further, these allegations arise at a time when considerable effort is being invested to regain the trust and confidence of the large number of nonpartisan and objective residents who are desirous of engaging in the democratic and electoral process.

Hence, these scandalous allegations not only threaten the very integrity of our democratic process and institution, but reinforces a long held perception that this is business as usual in political fortresses like the constituency of North West Manchester held by the PNP.”

The JLP Executive in North-Western Manchester says it’s urging the authorities to pursue a speedy and impartial investigation to uncover any and every facet of this apparent web of corruption, in pursuit of accountability, without fear or favor.

The statement concluded by asking a number of questions that they say is in pursuit of transparency.

They are:

1.       Was the Deputy Mayor acting alone or was he acting on behalf of the PNP Constituency Executive of NW Manchester?

2.       As Chairman of the PNP Executive of NW Manchester, what does the Member of Parliament know about these unauthorized cheques? And, did the Constituency Chairman/Member of Parliament authorize the Councillor to act, or if not – Is Constituency Chairman/Member of Parliament aware of who authorized his Councilor to carry out the reported transactions?

3.       What is the connection, if any, between the unauthorized funds and alleged vote buying in the recent bye-election of North East St. Elizabeth

4.       If there is a connection, subject to question 3 – (i) Is the Party President aware of the allegations (ii) Is the Party President aware of who organized the alleged plot to disburse the reported funds which now form the basis of fraud investigations by the police?

The statement ended by saying the Residents of Manchester desire better politics characterized by good governance, accountability and transparency and condemn even the slightest hint of corruption or abuse of public office.

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