JLP heading for a landslide if elections are called soon

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A new poll has found that if a general election were called, the governing Jamaica Labour Party would defeat the Opposition People’s National Party.

The poll was conducted late last month.

The poll found that while both parties enjoy almost equal support among committed PNP and JLP supporters, the governing party has a big lead among uncommitted Jamaicans.

When asked, if a general election was called today which party would you vote for, 57% said the JLP. That’s 14% more than the 43% who favour the PNP.

That would translate into a landslide victory for the JLP.

Bluedot Insights who carried out the survey, surveyed just under 12 hundred people across all electoral divisions in the country.

The poll has a margin of error of 3%.

The poll also revealed that among the politically aligned, the JLP enjoys the highest support at 36%.

However, that’s only three per cent ahead of the PNP at 33%.

Another 31% of respondents consider themselves neutral in their political support.

This means if an election was called today, neutral voters would be crucial in determining the winner.

The poll found that among those respondents who consider themselves neutral, the JLP enjoys a staggering 63% support, as against the PNP’s 37% of support.

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