Julian Robinson must go as PNP Gen.Sec. Comrades up in arms

There is trouble brewing in the PNP as the party goes into it’s annual conference in September. A copy of what seems to be a partial letter or Social Media post, made by someone, name of Sydney Miller, making the rounds on Social Media site Facebook, of which we were sent a copy, has blasted PNP General Secretary,Julian Robinson, calling him a disgrace.

The trouble seems to stem from some upheaval in the East Central St. Catherine Constituency but the writer didn’t say what it was. The author of the piece says “if we are (PNP) serious about ensuring that East Central St. Catherine is returned to the PNP, then Julian Robinson should step up and act as a General.” Whatever that means.

The writer slammed the General Secretary saying he has:”disappointed an entire generation of people.”

Turning to the matter of the upcoming Vice Presidential race in September, the writer who signed using the name Sydney Miller, tore into the three incumbents accusing them of “not playing a role to resolve Constituency matters.” He didn’t elaborate on what those matters are. Describing the situation as alarming, he warned that: ” I hope none of you is looking towards my Constituency for any votes come September 15.”


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