Keep me out of it. Portia slams Bunting

As the leadership race for control of the People’s National Party (PNP) heats up between Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting, former party leader and Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is warning the factions to leave her out of the campaign.

In a statement to the media, Mrs. Simpson Miller said that it has been brought to her attention that a photograph of her is being circulated giving the impression that she has taken sides. She said she has not sided with anyone and is asking that her image be not used.

In closing she said she is encouraging comrades to campaign vigorously.

The jab from Simpson Miller is directed at Peter Bunting. Since launching his campaign to unseat Phillips, a picture of Bunting and Simpson Miller walking has been making the rounds. It’s clear from the picture that Bunting is seemingly hoping to get the delegates who loved Portia and was pissed by what they saw as gang of males led by Phillips that force her out.

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