Keisha Hayle says Peter Phillips not fit to lead the PNP

People’s National Party (PNP) Candidate for the seat vacated by the JLP’s Derrick Smith, Keisha Hayle, is a supporter of Peter Bunting. Post screenshot from her Facebook page making the rounds on Social media, is turning up some of her thoughts on the present leader of the PNP Dr. Phillips.

In one of her post she stated that “Old Hope Road was snoring and only a Bunting of hope was flying.”

In another telling post she said that if Peter don’t have the goods he should step aside and let someone else take over.

Miss Hayle seems to think that Dr. Phillips is incapable of leading the PNP and should make way for Peter Bunting. The new round of bloodletting in the pnp comes on the heels of Three straight losses for the pnp at the hands of the Holness led JLP.

Miss Hayle will be going up against the JLP’S Nigel Clarke and the soon to be announced By-Election.

Screenshot of the post are below.

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