Lying Colin Campbell facing multi Million dollar lawsuit from Vaz

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PNP Communication Director, Colin Campbell, is facing the threat of a multi-million dollar defamation suit from Cabinet Minister and West Portland Member of Parliament, the Jamaica Labour Party’s, Daryl Vaz.

The threat of litigation facing Campbell has arisen from a piece of written communication that was recently distributed via  PNP social media groups and WhatsApp.

The Communication contained damning allegations about Minister Vaz, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Group CEO of Grace Kennedy, Don Wehby, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, banker Curtis Martin, and a prominent financial institution.

PNP communication director Colin Campbell

Our news center understands that in a stunning development, Vaz’s Attorney, Queen’s Counsel George Soutar has written Campbell stating that his instructions are that at 9.34 a.m on Thursday, November 8th 2019, Campbell forwarded to a People’s National Party (PNP) WhatsApp group entitled ‘2019 PNP MPs and caretakers’ written communication which makes defamatory, false, scurrilous and vicious allegations about Minister Vaz.

Mr. Soutar told the PNP Communication Director that the evidence in Vaz’s possession shows that Campbell published the defamatory material to in excess of sixty (60) recipients and it has since been widely distributed on social media. 

The veteran Queen’s Counsel told Campbell that he is further advised of additional evidence that the contents of said communication is consistent with a tweet Campbell authored and published a few hours earlier.  

Mr. Soutar told Campbell, who’s a former PNP General Secretary, that the material in the electronic communications is defamatory and has damaged Minister Vaz’s reputation.

The prominent Attorney further warned Campbell that as Communication Director he should know that his actions in publishing/forwarding the message in question can give rise to him facing a defamation suit.  

Mr. Vaz’s Attorney further told the PNP Communication Director that he’s being offered an opportunity to make amends by issuing a public apology via social media and in both national newspapers as well as entering into discussions regarding compensation. 

Soutar warned Campbell that should he not agree to those terms within seven days (7), Minister Vaz will sue him.

The caution letter from Soutar was served on Campbell at his Corporate Area residence today. A copy of Mr. Soutar’s letter was also sent to PNP President Dr. Peter Phillips. It’s undersood that the letter from Soutar to Campbell is sending ripples through the ranks of the Opposition PNP.  

Sources in the PNP say Campbell, who’s a former Information Minister,  forwarded the letter today from Mr. Soutar to the PNP MPs and Caretaker WhatsApp group triggering a blame game among some members of the group about who may have leaked the controversial post which has now resulted in the PNP Communication Director facing the threat of a massive lawsuit.

In a tweet a few days ago, Campbell had denied posting the defamatory content to social media. The PNP Communication Director said the only post to social media which was done by him was one which said Vaz did not get natural justice when his visa was revoked.

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