Missing Teens reportedly found at Father’s House in corporate area

LBC NEWS understand that the two Portland teens who were reported missing since Monday afternoon have been found safe.

We understand that the mother of 15-year-old Tiara Harper confirmed that she was contacted by the Child Development Agency (CDA) and was informed that both girls were found at her daughter’s father’s apartment in the Corporate area.

Both Tiara and 13-year-old Jhamela Brooks were taken into the custody of the CDA and medical checks done. They are both in good health and are expected to be reunited with their families later on today.

The families have expressed thanks to all the persons who assisted in the search effort.

When we contacted the CDA Corporate office we were told the local CDA office in Portland would be able to help. Upon calling that office we were then referred to the police. Who in turn told us they will do their checks and get back to us.

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