More BS from a disgrace of an Opposition. Fitz Jackson this time

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If the 1.6 Billion dollars RADA scandal dud wasnt enough, the Opposition Spokesperson on National Security Ftiz Jackson, has made an entire ass of himself on Radio this morning after being asked a simple question.

In a release dated 1 December 2019, the Opposition Spokesman on National Security said this: “…security personnel need to be encouraged in light of the over-extended demands on members on account of these SoEs and Zones of Special Operations”.

He also put forward that “the Government should consider providing a one-off payment to the police and other security personnel as a crime-fighting incentive, and this should be reflected in their salaries for December 2019”.

Then, the perverbial Tyre meets the road and it all came crashing down.

He was asked a simple question on NNN this morning: how much would this cost taxpayers? This is what Shadow Minister Jackson said verbatim: “…ahhmm put it this way, it’s a manageable amount using the $90K that was given before”.
In an immediate follow-up question, the Shadow Minister was rightly asked what does that mean?

He went on: “I don’t want to…I don’t have the actual calculation at my fingertips now and I don’t want to quote it but I can give you before the day is out”.

So let’s get this straight, the Opposition Spokesperson on Security came up with a suggestion that wasn’t even thought out at the very basic level of how much it will cost? Really? Is that the level of thinking now in the Opposition? That sounds like a desperate attempt to gain attention with another half baked idea.

Can anybody take these idiots seriously to give them the country to run? This is poor even for the brain dead PNP. It is this same sort of irresponsibility that Omar Davies and the Patterson administration engaged in that ran up the debt to over 150% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Which Jamaican’s had to bear tremendous pain to get right. We can’t allow these people to ever get back the Nation’s purse strings.

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