More Jamaicans think Holness is better to deal with the Economy, Corruption and Crime

The majority of Jamaicans are confident that Prime Minister Andrew Holness is best suited to manage the problems of crime, corruption and the economy when compared to both incumbent PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, and PNP presidential aspirant, Peter Bunting.

This was the finding of a recent Nationwide Bluedot Insights poll.

A majority of Jamaicans identify crime as the country’s biggest problem.
But when asked who are you most confident can manage the problem, 36-per cent said Prime Minister Holness.

Only 23% said the former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting.

While, a smaller number, 13%, chose the Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, who is also a former National Security Minister.

37% of them have confidence in Prime Minister Holness to tackle corruption.

The level of confidence in the Prime Minister to manage corruption was more than twice that of the individual ratings of both Dr. Phillips and Peter Bunting.

Just 18% of those polled have such confidence in Peter Bunting, with 14% saying Peter Phillips.

This is surprising as both Phillips and Bunting have led a sustained attack over the last several months on the Holness-administration saying it’s corrupt.

31% have confidence in none of the three.

However, Prime Minister Holness enjoys the greatest level of confidence of those polled, 46%, to manage the economy.

Peter Bunting and Dr. Peter Phillips enjoy respondent confidence of 18% and 16% respectively.

Bluedot Insights surveyed just under 1,200 people across all 14 parishes.

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