More trouble in the PNP, this time in Region 3

The beleaguered Opposition Peoples National Party (PNP) is imploding as another gulf has opened up in it’s ranks.

This time in Region Three.

It’s understood that out spoken Councillor Kary Douglas clashed with Vice President of the PNP, Angella Brown-Burke over the weekend. The latest round of bloodletting stems from a WhatsApp group blastoff between the two when Brown-Bruke told the group that she is willing to go to court to protect her reputation.She accused persons within the PNP of trying to essentially destroy her reputation. Douglas hit back asking her how many persons reputation She has destroyed.

Its understood that all hell broke loose asaBrown-Burke fired back accusing Doughlas of having secrets for powerful members in the party, but not her.

Douglas is said to have hit back telling Brown-Burke she cannot help the PNP get back into power. And she is not afraid of Brown-Burke.

Region Three Chairman Phillip Paulwell had to intervene by deleting a number of Comrades from the group to restore order.

Meanwhile, Brown-Bruke is distancing herself from the corruption scandal now engulfing the PNP controlled Manchester Municipal Corporation, located in Region Five which is headed by Micheal Phillips.

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