Opposition PNP lying and the inability to get the lying straight

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Thats the word on lying from the Great Wartime Leader of England,Sir Winston Churchill. It was true then and it is still true now.  Not only that, but to lie effectively, one must first get the story straight. And thats where the present Opposition PNP has a alot of problems-lying without getting there story straight.

From the inception of the Peoples National Party (PNP) they have distinguished themselves well in the art of misdirection and “Conscious lying.” They have made spinning into an art form. Not even the Great Muttiah Murlitheran and Shane Warne was as good as they are at lying AKA spinning.

Recently the PNP Spokesman on Health Horace Dalley was caught flat out lying on the Health problems now plaguing the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James. He gave the impression in the media through a press release, that while he was Minister of Health the problem was not around. The present minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton fired back producing documentation showing he knew about it back then. Dalley has was to make an embarrassing U turn later, acknowledging that he had known about it.

That seems to have set the stage for what is now emerging within the Opposition and is now been employed on Social Media platforms. The latest in that trend on Social Media is to get a bunch of Former Labourites losers to bring trumped up nonsense into the public domain. First it was the nonsense that Member of Parliament for Southwest St.Elizabeth Floyd Green was put into place as Area 4 Chairman because Party leader Andrew Holness did not like his Challenger Dennis Meadows. That is absolute nonsense! LBC NEWS can state with absolute confidence that nothing like that happened.

Then the drive to lie took on many more forms until it has reached the point of talking about splits in the Cabinet. This again is nonsense! The current cabinet is a united force that has one objective: bringing prosperity to this nation. Something the previous government couldn’t do in almost Thirty years in power. The strategy that the PNP is using, is one that has worked before. The only difference now is that it is not the JLP of Edward Seaga, riddled with dissension while in Opposition.This present team of Labour Party officials are united in conviction and purpose.

So, while the PNP has installed a man that is older than Computers and Smartphones, a man that led them to consecutive defeats, a man that made Jamaica worse off than in Slavery, a man that lacks the ideas, needed to move Jamaica forward, they are trying to distract the Jamaican people from the many successes of the ruling JLP. Just one year in power and the only persons that has given the Government a failing grade is the PNP themselves. That in and of itself says a lot about the clueless nature of the PNP. When a party has to stoop to the levels of peddling lies to stay relevant, then such a party needs to disband itself and relaunched with a different philosophy, people and thinking.

Putting makeup on Peter Phillips wont change the fact that he is a relic of a time we all want to forget.No matter how you dress up Peter “Rapunzel” Phillips in Sleeping Beauty clothes, he still comes out looking like the Ugly Duckling.

Its full time the PNP does something constructive and play their part in the Democratic process or just shut up.

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