Peter Phillips, the Leader of the Opposition of Crosses

We here at LBC NEWS watch in shock and horror, the video that emerged on Monday of Dr. Peter Phillips using the possibility of sickness of a Jamaica Labour Party  (JLP) Member of Parliament to tell Comrades to get ready for an election.

Few words can adequately express the shock and disgust we,like many well thinking Jamaicans have felt over the comments. It shows a serious moral failing of the Leader of the Opposition that strikes right at his ability to lead. His comments are reminiscent of Donald Trump mocking a disabled Journalist in the Presidential Elections in the United States last year. It is utterly shocking and shows that even after so many years in public life, Peter Phillips has not matured enough to take on the job of Opposition Leader much more Prime Minister of Jamaica, which he so desperately wants.
To make fun of sickness is just not on for anybody, much more the Opposition Leader. There are certain things that as a human being you just do not do, or say. This is one of them.
A broader but no less worrying part of that heinous statement, is the desperate need to get into power exhibited by the Opposition Leader. It seems that Peter Phillips will stop at nothing to become Prime Minister of Jamaica. Such unbridled ambition, is what brought Adolf Hitler and other such tyrants to power, which always lead to serious sufferings. It cannot be, that a country like ours that is suffering from a lack of sympathy, empathy, and warmth, have a Leader of a political party, vying for State power, to stoop so low.
And you know what is tragically ironic, is that while he was gleefully, hoping for a member of the JLP to fall sick, a short time after one of his own MPS would be pronounced dead. What did he die from? A sickness! The old adage that says: when digging a hole for your enemy dig two, because you might fall into one, seems very apt.
I have never had much confidence in the PNP or Peter Phillips, but not even I would have thought he would go that low. He needs to resign forthwith as Leader of the Opposition and go stand in a corner holding his ears. Bad bad bad bad Dr. Phillips. Bad!

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