Phillip Paulwell alone cost Jamaicans 3 Billion dollars under questionable circumstances

As the PNP tries to convince Jamaicans that the JLP is most corrupt, one of their chief members, Phillip Paulwell has come under scrutiny over his stewardship as Minister in the last People’s National Party government.

Phillip Paulwell who was one of the main speaker at the recent corruption vigil in Kingston, has cost Jamaicans just under 3 Billion dollars during his time as Minister.

Under his watch there has been at least Five scandals costing Jamaican tax payers 2.567 Billion dollars!

They are Netserv, Cuban Lightbulb, Cement, Solutrea and Bad Gas. Those five scandals has depleted the Nations money to the tune of nearly three Billion dollars.

It’s highly ironic, that the PNP is now using him as there point man on corruption. Some might even argue it’s deeply ammusing.

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