Phillips camp in panick mode as Bunting stalks him for top job

LBC News understands that allies of embattled PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips have formed a committee to quickly test Dr. Phillips’ political strength in the 81-year old party.

The move comes as speculation continues to intensify about the possibility of Dr. Phillips being challenged by Peter Bunting for the PNP leadership.

It’s understood that a team of Phillips’ allies met on Tuesday and decided on the formation of the committee to find out who within the PNP is in support of Phillips continuing as PNP President.

Sources say that East Kingston Member of Parliament, Phillip Paulwell, is a key member of the committee.

This week, the East Kingston MP made a cryptic post on social media which is being interpreted by PNP insiders as a jab at Bunting.

It’s understood that representatives of the pro-Peter Phillips committee have placed calls to several Members of Parliament and demanded that they indicate whether they are in support of Dr. Phillips.

More speculation about the possibility of a Peter Bunting challenge intensified today when the Central Manchester MP posted to his social media page a diagram which outlines his achievements when he served as PNP General Secretary.

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