PNP accuses Police Services Commision Professor Gordon Shirley of forcing Commissioner Quallo out



LBC NEWS has received a copy of a Facebook post written under the name Colin Campbell, that is alleging that Commissioner of police George Quallo was forced out by the Chairman of the Police Services Commission, Professor Gordon Shirley. 

The stunning allegations contained in the post characterize the PSC Chairman as somebody in whom “we in the PNP holds in high esteem, but is now the lead Choirister singing for his supper at the Port Authority.” In effect the post is accusing the PSC Chairman of turning on the PNP.

Even more stunning, is that the post alleges that at a meeting held at the Port Authority on Thursday last, “the Commission did the bidding of the Holness/Montague dunce class by pressuring out the Commissioner.” The post went on to state that is political interference at the highest level.

The Post continues alleging that the Commissioner was “kicked out to demit”office by February 1st.

The writer whose name is Colin Campbell, went on to further characterized the Chairman and the entire membership of the PSC as “whimpish.”

From the content of the post and from our sources we have learnt that the writer is Colin Campbell of the PNP.

The extraordinary attack comes in the wake of the resignation of the present Commissioner of police George Quallo who has decided to step down only nine months in the job. He has been heavily criticized as been ineffective and weak.

LBC NEWS Analysis

From the Content of the post that was posted in a Facebook group, it seems the PNP is most displeased at the resignation of Quallo. Taken with the way the Commissioner has been openly talking with Opposition Spokesperson telling him before he told Minister Montague of things like when he was going to retire, it makes for an uncomfortable, cosyness between the two. It seems that Quallo regards the Opposition more than the Government.

With the reported refusal of Quallo to back a State of Emergency earlier, it seems that the PNP would rather the Commissioner to stay on even as he is obviously out of his dept in dealing with the police force, and the high crime rate engulfing the Nation. The question then has to be asked, why is that the PNP is so interested in keeping a non performing Commissioner in his job?

The assertion of Colin Campbell that the PNP is well pleased with the Chairman of the Police Services Commission, now calls into question whether the PSC is been run based on politics rather than on what is laid out in the law. This further puts more spotlight on the PSC and many of the decisions in appointing Commissioners of police, which clearly hasn’t worked out. It is left up to persons to speculate if those appointments where made on merits are based upon political consideration. It is now time for the PSC to be examined and some serious changes be made in who sits on that Commission.

It is also noteworthy how the Opposition Leader came out recently in supporting the PSC claiming that the PNP does not support the disbanding of the PSC, reason been, to ostensibly keep politics out of the selection of members of the force for positions like Commissioner of Police. But with Campbell’s overtly political statements it is now left up to the imagination of everyone to decide if the PSC isnt already been influenced by politics.

A screenshot of the post is below. We have blocked out the some names as to protect our sources.



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