PNP controlled Manchester Municipal Corporation is under yet another corruption probe

The scandal plaqued Manchester Municipal Corporation is once again embroiled in another corruption scandal.

Reports are now emerging that the police has been called in by the Chef Executive Officer (CEO) after Millions of Dollars went missing from the entity. The money was allegedly used to fund Political activity recently. Fictitious invoices were said to be used to to facilitate the illegal act

Councillor for Spur Tree Division in N.W. Manchester, the PNP’s Ervin Facey has resigned as Deputy Mayor of Mandeville in connection with the disbursement of a check. The PNP confirmed that in a statement issued a short while ago.

In the statement the PNP says he has resigned over the disbursement of the check for work done before the voucher was signed.

That story line by the PNP should be taken with a Teaspoon of Salt until it can be corroborated by the ungoing investigation.

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