PNP in total disarray as resigning candidate slams party in damning letter

The outgoing Caretaker for St. Andrew West Rural, Jennifer Housen has tored into the hierarchy of the People’s National Party (PNP) in a stinging resignation letter, slamming the party as archai and a ‘Jobs for the boys’ club.

In the letter of which screenshots have been circulating on Social Media platforms, she said the party’s machinery is archaic.

But she wasn’t finished as yet. In what can only be seen as a thingly vield swipe at party leader Dr. Peter Phillips, she drew on the story of the Emporer new clothes in which the Emporer was naked and no one would tell him so until, ironically,a Girl told him so. Seems like Jennifer Housen sees herself as that girl.

Turning to the issue of party communication, she said that Colin Campbell should be fired. Colin Campbell has been coming under pressure over what comrades view as the inability of the PNP to take on the slick Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) communication team.

She went on to say that the leadership of the PNP lacks strength. In other words she is saying the entire leadership top tier is low energy.

Even though she has resigned as Caretaker Candidate she still says she wants to continue as Constituency Chairman and help the Comrades in whatever way she can.

The response of the PNP Secretariat will be most interesting. Such a scaving letter must be given quite a few persons headaches. The comparison to the Emporer New Clothes story, is sure to stung as that can only be seen as a direct swipe at party Leader Dr. Phillips otherwise known as ‘Dr. Low Energy.’ 

Interesting days are ahead as the party will not have to find a replacement to challenge the JLP’S Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, and of even greater interest will be whether anymore Caretaker Candidates jump ship.

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