PNP must instruct Crawford to apologise, says Chang

The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is calling on the leadership of the PNP to instruct its candidate for East Portland, Damion Crawford, to withdraw and apologize for the condescending, inflammatory, classist, racist and sexist comments he made recently on the political platform in relation to the JLP’s aspirant for the constituency, Annmarie Vaz.

The JLP says Crawford’s suggestion that Mrs. Vaz will not progress further than her marriage has allegedly facilitated a demeaning attack on a committed Jamaican with significant potential to contribute to national development and the well-being of the people of East Portland.

It is noteworthy that on International Women’s Day there is yet to be an apology issued by Crawford.

The JLP rejects as unbecoming and shameful subsequent attempts by Crawford, PNP Deputy General Secretary, Basil Waite and Chief of Staff in the Opposition Leader’s Office, Imani Duncan Price, to spin Crawford’s comments in a bid to downplay their insolent and vile nature.

JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang says “Crawford’s comments may be in breach of the political code of conduct which forbids inflammatory and discriminatory remarks on the political platform”.

Dr Chang went on further “Crawford’s vile remarks have no place in any 21st century society and should not be tolerated. Crawford’s move to suggest that, Mrs. Vaz, who is a humble and capable woman who has come from humble beginnings in rural St. Elizabeth, is being given favourable treatment because of her class, is disgraceful, desperate and untrue.

The JLP General Secretary says Mrs. Vaz has demonstrated her commitment to the people of Portland and has taken tangible actions to contribute to their upliftment. Dr. Chang says he’s confident that it’s based on those contributions and her unflinching commitment to the people, which constituents in East Portland will endorse Mrs. Vaz and reject Crawford’s outdated and divisive approach to politics.

Dr. Chang says if PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips and General Secretary Julian Robinson want their party to be taken seriously as one which respects women, they’d instruct Crawford to withdraw his unbecoming and sexist attack on Mrs. Vaz. Additionally, Dr. Chang says, though not surprising, the refusal of women in the PNP including Lisa Hanna and Jennifer Edwards to condemn Crawford’s sexist attack on Mrs. Vaz, is unfortunate.

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