PNP operative fired from PETROJAM was paid 14 Million dollars a year, Four times Market rates


As the back and forth between the Government and the Opposition over PETROJAM continues, the story has taken on a dramatic twist.

LBC NEWS understand that the controversy was started by a disgruntled Former Employee of PETROJAM. We are not releasing the said name of the person as yet. However, our sources are telling us that the person is a personal friend of PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson and Opposition Spokesperson on Energy Phillip Paulwell. It’s also said he sits on the Finance Committee of the PNP.

It is understood, that in 2014,the said individual, left the Private Sector, and was installed by the PNP at PETROJAM. He is said to have been earning a staggering 14 Million Dollars, four times what he was earning in the Private Sector. Even while serious concerns were raised about his competency in the Job.

It’s further alledge that the now Former Employee approved millions of dollars in donations to PNP Constituencies and projects, only.

LBC NEWS further understand that after departing from PETROJAM the individual met with Robinson and the current talking points was discussed.

Our sources are telling us that there is much more to come next week. We haven’t heard the end of the corrupt practices carried on at PETROJAM under the PNP.

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