PNP sides yet again with criminals,rejecting PM invitation to meet over SOE

With the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) through it’s Leader Peter Phillips rejecting the basis for a meeting with Prime Minister Andrew to discuss the PNP refusal to support an extension of the States of Emergency now in place, the government is calling them out.

In a release to the media, from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), the government made it clear its currently engaged in an “intense planning process to maintain the security gains and the safety of the citizens of Jamaica.” It went on to further state that because of the negative response of the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Phillips, to the invitation to meet and reconsider the extension to the State of Emergency, the government has been focused on  fine-tuning it’s security plans for the coming year.

The government however, is reminding the public that while the Leader of the Opposition while accepting the invitation to meet, has flatly rejected the reason for meeting. Which is to discuss the extension of the State of Emergency.

With that in mind the government has nothing really to talk about with the hapless PNP and it’s antiquated leader.

The release then took a swipe at the Opposition accusing them of been confused or disingenuous, because on one hand they have voted to stop the highly successful State of Emergency, while on the other advocating for things that can only be carried out under a State of Emergency.

The Prime Minister is currently using his time constructively by focusing on ensuring that plans are in place for the improved safety and security of the citizenry. While Peter Phillips is using his to give criminals unfettered reign to do as they please.

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