Police finds over 600 rounds of ammunition at Kingston Wharves

The Police is reporting that they have found 623 rounds of ammunition, 10 Guns and 26 magazines at Kingston Wharves last evening.

The find includes a Uzi Sub-Machine Gun.

The weapons and ammunition was stored in a barrel containing food items.

A Taxi Operator from Barrett Avenue Kingston 13 and an unemployed man from Spanish Town Road also from Kingston 13 has been taken into custody in connection with the find.

The seizure was made after a snap raid by CTOC.

Story has now been updated

The sender of the barrel containing the guns and ammunition has an Atlanta Georgia sending address and was to be received by a Male from Mona Kingston 10. LBC NEWS has learnt the name of both the sender and receiver of the ammunition and Guns. We won’t release because of the ungoing investigation.

LBC NEWS further understand that the raid was carried out between the hours of 3:35 and 6:40pm at Berth 7. A detailed check of the barrel which contained grocery items revealed 9 Pistols, 1 Uzi Submachine Gun, 26 Magazines and Ammunition listed as follows 100- 5.56, 100- 7.62, 50- .45, 130- .40 and 243- 9mm rounds were found.

Two men were held in connection with the seizure namely Desmond Matthieu o/c Bramwell age 43 years, Taxi Operator of 3 Barrett Avenue Kingston 13 and Jevaughn Richards o/c J or Flintstone age 24 years unemployed of 88-100 Spanish Town Road Kinston 13. Seizure along with the two detainees were handed over to C-Toc who will conduct further investigation.

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