Residents call on South-Manchester MP to fix bad roads

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Public Transport Operators who ply the route from Mandeville to Alligator Pond, are protesting the deplorable state of roads in the South Manchester constituency.

The operators stayed off the job, using their vehicles to block roads and expressing their frustration.

Both public operators and residents are fearful, as they say their daily journey on these roads is life threatening.

Commuters were left stranded as operators parked their vehicles in protest.

The residents say the road has been this way for as long as they can remember and businesses are being affected.

People’s National Party Candidate for the adjoining constituency of South East St. Elizabeth, Dr. Dwain Spencer explains that twenty- nine million dollars was allocated for road fixtures from Downs to Alligator Pond.

Member of Parliament for the Manchester South constituency, Michael Stewart, says he made several appeals to the Prime Minister and other Ministers but progress has been slow.

As the Christmas season approaches, Stewart is again appealing for the fast tracking of the rehabilitation of the road.

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