Rock Star Councillor Kim Brown Lawrence expected to survive badmind PNP witch hunt

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The People’s National Party Caucus of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation is moving to remove Councillor for the Browns Town Division, the JLP’s Kim Brown-Lawrence from office.

Tensions are building ahead of a meeting of the Corporation today when the PNP minority will push for a resolution to be heard on the matter.

However, Chairman of the Council, the JLP’s Michael Belnavis, vows the PNP’s resolution will not be heard. 

Brown’s Town Councillor Kim Brown Lawrence

Kim Brown-Lawrence, the popular Councilor for the Brown’s Town division, has been charged with corruption-related offences in the probe into the alleged links between Ruel Reid, the Caribbean Maritime University and Ministry of Education dealings. 

Reid and three others have also been charged.

The PNP caucus in St. Ann, led by Councilor Winston Brown, want the Council to suspend or expel Mrs. Brown Lawrence until the criminal case against her is concluded.

The PNP has sent a resolution to that effect to the CEO to be discussed at the General Meeting of the Council tomorrow.

However, Chairman, Mayor Michael Belnavis says the motion will go nowhere as it is wrong on procedure and on principle.

Mayor Belnavis says Councilor Brown-Lawrence has to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and there was nothing to prevent her from sitting in the Council.

However, Councilor Brown, says he expects the matter to be debated Thursday as he gave sufficient notice. 

He says a seven-day notice is all that is required.  

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