State of Emergency declared in Kingston

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A state of public emergency has been declared in sections of Kingston and St Andrew.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness a short while ago announced that the affected police divisions are St Andrew South, St Andrew Central and Kingston Western.

Holness was speaking at a press conference at the Office of the Prime minister.

The state of emergency, which took effect today, will last initially for 14 days, the prime minister  said.

This is the third State of Emergency that has been declared in the Island following one in St. James and St. Catherine. The two previous SOE has contributed to the murder rate dropping by double digits since they were declared.

The area covered by the state of emergency include: Oakland Road, sections of Waltham Park Road, Delamere Avenue, Delacree Road, and Maxfield Avenue Rosseau Road, Lyndhurst Road and Studio One Boulevard.

It extends to Slipe Road, heading to Orange Street, Harbour Street, Ocean Boulevard, Marcus Garvey Drive, sections of Greenwhich Park, Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town and Lizard Town and includes sections of Spanish Town Road.

According to Holness, in deciding to impose the latest state of emergency the Government took into consideration the significant traffic flows through the areas, the commercial flows in the market district in the area, the back to school period which in its closing out stages, the hurricane season and the period leading up to the Christmas holidays, before making its decision.  

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