Stay resolute in the fight against crime says Former top cop,Quallo to rank and file officers

Former Commissioner of police George Quallo has called on Rank and File Police Officers to be resolute in the fight against crime. In a letter dated January 31,2018, obtained by LBC NEWS Quallo encouraged his Former Rank and File members to carry on the fight against the criminals plaquing Jamaica.

Quallo thank his colleagues for what he called their unwavering support.” I thank you for you unwavering support and for remaining dedicated to the task to serve, protect and reassure the people of Jamaica,” Quallo wrote

He went further:” it is your support, my faith in God, love for country and the JCF, that have kept me grounded throughout the over forty years I have served.”

In describing his tenure he said “I’ve experienced the best and worst of times during my sojourn. These experiences have molded me into the man I am today. I am proud of my service and accomplishments.”

Reflecting upon his career that span over 40 years,Quallo said he can unequivocally state that he gave of his best; his time, attention and dedication.With the runaway murder rate in 2017 and at the start of this year, many would say his best was just not good enough.

He went on to say:” I leave this organization with the belief that I have positively impacted many lives and with the assurance that there are many who remain that have done and will continue to do same.”

He went on to encourage the men and women he led for Nine Months to “remain resolute in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity. (And to)Remain focused and (remain) alliegiant to the oath of office.” He also implored them to Continue building and sustaining relationships with those they serve. He said: “I can attest to the tremendous value in these relationships toward crime fighting and peace building.”

In closing he wished all the very best in their personal and professional lives.

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  1. Bobby Sharpe says:

    Dwl…Just another jcf SCAMMER moving off to run his obeah YARD in King Weston, St Andrew…full time…

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