Stop lying! NIDS Team hits back at incorrect Gleaner Story

As the controversy surrounding the introduction of a new system of identification, NIDS, the Gleaner has been accused of essentially lying.

In a release by the NIDS Team a short time ago, which operates out of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), they contend that a Gleaner Story misrepresented the contents of an interview with Richard Delapehna, which they contend gave the impression that the government would ignore any ruling handed down by the Supreme Court on any aspect of the Bill.

The NIDS Court Case is awaiting a ruling from the Supreme Court after the hapless Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) challenge it in the Courts.

The release accused the Gleaner of omitting a vital comment made by Mr. Delapehna, in which he stated that any (adverse) judgements arising from the Court case, would be up to policy makers to make changes.

The question that now needs to be ask is why did the Gleaner chose to ommit that part in favour of misleading the country?

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