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Yet another corruption scandal has engulfed the Opposition People’s national Party (PNP)-another one in a long series of scandals. The previous set of scandals were important as they affected the finances of the country, but none of those can compare with the present one, because of one fact: they were stealing from themselves! Its one thing to steal from someone but when anybody, individual or organization start stealing from itself, then, you know they have reached rock bottom.

The lowest form of human behavior.

Stealing from oneself isn’t just a matter of greed, but a serious pathology, that renders an individual or group, incapable of common decency in financial matters. A serious case of Kleptomaniac failings.

The other thing that is telling, though, is how utterly devoid of conscience and morality the PNP is at this time. Its utterly astonishing to see the level of political, social and financial depravity that has taken over the PNP starting under Michael Manley, accelerated under PJ Patterson, and is now reaching its conclusion under Portia Simpson Miller. It is disgusting, and shows quite clearly why so many Jamaicans do not place much faith in our political system. Its unbelievably disgusting.

The taking of campaign funds that was donated to the party, by some Senior Members is not surprising when one really look at it. This is a group of people that has perfected the art of corruption. If you want somebody to train you in corruption, the best place to go is to 89 Old Hope Road. From Netserv to ESET, the PNP has always been embroiled in corruption allegations, without any consequences. They have gotten used to scamming the country for whatever reason they can muster, to do whatever they pleased, and then is almost assured that there would be a muted response from Civil Society groups, and almost none existent coverage on Local media. They are used to that and they believe they can get away with anything.

But, the difference with this case, is that it is not government funds, its private businesses and they don’t take lightly been scammed by any political party.

Will there be anybody held to account here? No. Absolutely not. Why? Who in the PNP at this time that has the moral authority or the political strength to enforce sanctions? None. Certainly not Mama P who everybody laughs at behind her back and ignores her hysterical shouting like a hungry angry old Panda. The only sanction that can be applied to the PNP right now to change, is if the Private sector continues to withhold funding from it until there is fundamental and comprehensive change within the PNP, from the leaders right down.

If they know that the next election they have no money to spend, against a well oiled and properly funded JLP, with both party and State resources at its disposal, they will change faster that Usain Bolt can beat Justin Gatlin. It is a sad state of affairs within the PNP at this time, but not wholly surprising.

There are some people who wants to divert attention from the core problem in this matter and make it out into a wider debate about campaign finance reform. Nonsense. It’s a smoke screen. The real issue is not about who gave what to whom, but about honesty! That’s what it is about. Honesty.

It is very clear that a lot of people within the PNP is not honest enough even among themselves fighting to stay in power. And, the matter that then arises, if Senior government Ministers, can “misappropriate funds” for the party`s campaign effort, what and how much did they “misappropriate” while in government? It is a valid and important question to ask. And this nation deserves some answers too. Why would anybody allow another person who is “misappropriating” from his/her self around their money? Isn’t the individual likely to “misappropriate” all the savings put under his/her watch? That’s like putting a Mongoose in a hen house hoping that all the chickens would be safe later on. As a nation we need to demand more from our politicians and hold them accountable.

It’s the view of LBC, that the PNP is no way, shape or form fit to form any government at any level in this country. None whatsoever!

We should be able to trust our politicians to be judicial with our money, and right now the PNP has shown they are capable of “misappropriating” from themselves and by virtue of that, they are a risky proposal to control the country s finances.

It ties well with what is happening in the country`s Parish Councils, led by the PNP. People are literally stealing public resources and fattening their friends and families. It’s a party that knows only one thing, and does it exceptionally well: and that is how to be corrupt.

The PNP is in a very bad state and needs renewal right away. The renewal as far as LBC is concerned, should go further than recycling old folks who have been part and parcel of the current state of affairs, but a new cadre of people who wants to make Jamaica a better place should be found and brought into the party to start the process of change. A total and complete reconstruction of the PNP is in order and that means getting rid of all of those in the party now.

There needs to be a new commandment written in the Bible to help guide the PNP: thou shat not steal from thyself, amen.

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