Time to start jailing crooked politicians and Public servants


The recent revelations by Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie, that 229 Councillors and Mayors were not paying any Property Taxes has once again reinforced the entrenched view that our politicians are crooked. 

Its beyond belief, that taxes are levied on the Jamaican people by respective governments without our explicit consent, yet still, politicians are not paying their share of taxes, while at the same time ordering and in many cases taking citizens to court over their non-payment of Property Taxes. It shows how deeply corrupt and unaccountable our political process and governance is.

It feeds into the narrative that there is one law for the “little man” and another for the rich and powerful alongside politicians.

If it was just a one off thing, then it could very well be excused as an oversight, but this has been happening for years! Politicians, have not only wasted public money, steal public money, but refused to contribute to the public purse. Its unseemly, wicked and corrupt. They get pay, many times,not because they deserved it, but simply because they got elected, and yet still will not put a Red Cent towards paying their own salaries through taxes. They harass Citizens, they threaten Citizens, to get them to pay but they themselves will not pay a dollar! How wicked, evil and corrupt can they get?

Its not surprising that less and less people are going to the polls each election. These Councillors all 229 of them is a very good reason why not to bother vote.

Its the view of LBC that its full time that these politicians be sent to jail. It cannot be, that businesses, normal people, get thrown into jail, while worthless politicians escape Scot free. Something has to be done to make politicians understand that the laws of the land is not there for only Voters, but for them too.

Its rather disheartening to hear the Minister begging them to pay their share of taxes. He should be calling in the police to lock up the whole unseemly lot! If we as a Nation, continue to give passes to politicians and wealthy well connected people, then all the millions spent on security will go nowhere. The narrative that the system is rigged against the little man, will not die until we start seeing crooked politicians be thrown into jail.

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