Trafigura judgement day today

The long awaited ruling by a Judge in the long running corruption trial of PNP bigwigs including Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is set to be handed down today.

LBC NEWS understand that the Appeal Court is to indicate at 10:30am today whether to grant application by prominent PNP members to challenge at the Privy Council a ruling handed down earlier that they must testify in open court about Trafigura corruption scandal.

Robert Pickersgill, Phillip Paulwell, Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, and Colin Campbell are the members who have sought to have the matter ruled on by the Privy Council.

The PNP has being resisting efforts to been asked to testify in open court by Dutch investigators to ascertain their role in the infamous Trafigura kickback scandal that rocked the pnp in 2006.

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