US Ambassador to Jamaica slams mischief makers

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The United States Ambassador to Jamaica has come out swinging against persons who is using false quotes and statements against the new Security agreement between Kingston and Washington.

United States of America Embassy in Kingston

The ambassador writing on his official Twitter account said that the United States continues to value its long-standing security cooperation with Jamaica. As Ambassador, my commitment is to work with the Jamaican government to expand our partnership in the area of security.

He went on to say: Though there are those who may not welcome this strong relationship and seek to dismantle it with false quotes and narratives, as President Trump’s rep in country I share his desires to continue our strong bilateral cooperation and support Jamaica’s role as a regional leader.

In recent days the Opposition PNP and the Gleaner newspaper has been running a disinformation campaign quoting sources alleging that the United States and Jamaica no longer has a security sharing arrangement. But speaking in parliament yesterday minister of national security, Dr. Horace Chang said the Jamaican government has just signed a new agreement with the US and is in the process of finalizing agreements with the UK and Canada.

In response to the US Ambassador’s post, Foreign Minister Kamina Johnson Smith thank the Ambassador, and stated that Jamaica highly value our security cooperation with the US and appreciate the increased energy that he is bringing to this area.

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