Venezuelans accuse PNP of lying

The six-member board of directors of the Petrojam Refinery, comprised of three Venezuelans and three Jamaicans, have added their voice to concerns raised by the People’s National Party (PNP) about PETROJAM, accusing them of making mischief.

“At all times the requisite approvals and review channels are utilised for every aspect of the company’s business, including the award of contracts, the provision of donations and the implementation of projects. Donations are made to entities as part of our corporate social responsibility and in an effort to contribute to national development,” the Petrojam directors said is a statement today.

“We have always been a company frequently audited by our shareholders. Additionally, we are routinely audited by reputable firms and the Auditor General to ensure that procedures are understood, respected and followed,” the directors added.

The board was responding to claims made by the PNP on Tuesday in the House of Representatives of widespread nepotism and victimisation of staff at the refinery, as well as major project overruns.

Julian Robinson, Opposition spokesman on science and technology claimed that, among other alleged transgressions, donations amounting to $30 million were approved last year for a number of entities, but there was no proof that they were actually made.

But, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley dismissed the PNP’s allegations as “unsubstantiated”.

Dr Wheatley insisted that Petrojam has a well-documented and defined donation policy which preceded his appointment as minister of energy.

He said that the policy allowed no partisan basis for donations as they were endorsed and approved by designated officers within the refinery.

“Donations above US$2,500 must be approved by the board of directors by resolution,” Dr Wheatley noted.

The directors in the meantime said that as a statutory body and governed under a joint venture agreement, Petrojam acts with responsibility and transparency, while exercising due diligence in its affairs.

“Much has been made about staff compensation at Petrojam. The record will show that the requisite salary ranges as approved by the Ministry of Finance in determining the appropriate remuneration for the recruitment of talent has been maintained.


What is extraordinary about this statement, is that the Board has Three Venezuelans among it’s directors. The Venezuelans whom the PNP has always being supportive of, even congratulating them recently on a sham elections held to keep Nicholas Maduro in power, has effectively accused the PNP of lying.

It must be noted, that the Venezuelans have no stake in the matter and therefore has no reason to lie.

The PNP has onced again found itself with a major Blackeye, this time getting it from one of it’s closest friends, the Venezuelan.

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