Wait what now? Lisa Hannah sends condolences to St. Lucian politician who is alive!

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Not even a week into her new role as Shadow Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Lisa Hanna is already embarrassing herself and her party.

In a post from an Account bearing the name TeamPNP, now circulating on Social Media platform Facebook, Lisa Hannah is seen mourning the death of  the St. Lucian Ambassador to the US, whom she said had died in the massacre in Las Vegas Nevada.

In what can only be described as an angry smack down, the politician in question fired back saying he was not dead! And disparagingly that he was about to “go to bed, now!!!”

The question that now has to be asked, is why the Opposition Spokesperson did not wait until the situation was much clearer before sending out Condolences?

Lisa Hannah who was by far a huge failure in her previous role as Youth Minister, was seen by many pundits, when she got her new assignment, to be a posting away from getting involved in divisive behavior within the PNP. She is now bringing that same level of incompetence as Youth Minister into her new role. It will be interesting to see how she matches up against the very hardworking and talented Minister of Foriegn Affairs, Kamina Johnson-Smith.

One thing is certain however, Lisa Hannah seems to love sending Condolences to persons that are alive.

The amazing statement issued by Miss Hannah spurred the Minister of Foriegn Affairs Kamina Johnson-Smith to issue a statement clarifying that no such thing has happened and chiding Miss Hannah on her reckless statement. The Foriegn Minister called on Miss Hannah to excersize caution when making pronouncements on Foreign Affairs matters.

The Facebook post is shown below

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