We will be getting a second term says Dr. Chang

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General Secretary of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Dr. Horace Chang, says while he is taking nothing for granted, the JLP will be getting a second term. Dr. Chang made the revelation while speaking at the Pedro Plains Divisional Conference in South Western St. Elizabeth on Sunday November 17.

Dr, Chang chastized the previous PNP administration charging that they have neglected the parish of St. Elizabeth.

He went on to outline how the JLP is spending and about to spend millions getting water to the farmers and people of St. Elizabeth.

Turning to how the Labour Party is running the country, he said money has to be found to do the things necessary for the development of the country and the JLP has found these money to do the work it is now doing.

He went on to state that Prime Minister Holness, has not forgotten the workers and people of Jamaica who put him in Jamaica House.

He said the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has made a tremendous difference in the lives of Jamaiacns and the only way to ensure that it continues is to re-elect the Andrew Holness with his Labour Party team behind him.

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