We’ve got a suite of plans to fight crime declares Holness

As the Government grapples with a spiraling murder rate and calls from many quarters asking for a crime plan, Prime Minister,Andrew Holness, is assuring the country the Government has a suite of plans to address the crime problem.

In a post on his official Facebook account, the Prime Minister says: “the Government has a suite of plans that are in the process of being implemented and we will begin to see significant results particularly in the reduction of murders in the country.”

The statement went on to say that It is the intention of the Government to not only disrupt but to totally undermine and uproot criminal gangs and the networks they have formed. It is the intention of the Government to not just address the street level criminals but those who facilitate and support these criminals.

It further stated that: “It is the intention of the Government to be persistent in these measures to cut crime, these are not short term measures. Those who are supporting criminal enterprises should not believe that these measures are something they can wait out.”

The Statement continued: “We should never believe that street level criminals operate on their own. They are financed, they use our banking network, they use our roads, buy cars and use them in the commission of crime. Our crime plan is comprehensive and we intend to deal with this situation once and for all.”

And in an apparent swipe at the Opposition who yesterday held a press  conference where crime took center stage, the statement made it clear crime didn’t  start when the JLP took office. It stated:” It took us decades to get here, it will not change overnight.”


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